My research interests concern molecular recognition of different compounds of interest in pharmaceutical, biological as well as food preparations, using infrared spectroscopy technique.

  In my entire research activity, since 1978, I have completed 88 papers, 83 have been already published ( in Romanian journals – 17, and abroad – 66 ), while other 5 are now under review and then next to be published. There are also several papers unpublished.

  More than that, I am co-author, with H.Y. Aboul-Enein and V.D. Huang, of a book, Vibrational Spectroscopy Applications in Biomedical, Pharmaceutical and Food Sciences, published in 2020 at Elsevier Inc, as well as a chapter, with H.Y. Aboul-Enein, Vibrational Spectroscopy Applications in Drug Analysis, published in 2017 at Academic Press, in Encyclopedia of Spectroscopy and Spectrometry, 3rd edition.

  There are also other several papers in progress.

  The list of all the papers published is presentedin details in this section, and can be read in detail, except the book.



Analytical Applications of Transport through Liquid Membrane

 Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry, (2016), 46(4), pp. 332 to 341 ANALYTICAL APPLICATIONS OF TRANSPORT THROUGH LIQUID MEMBRANE. Ioana Diaconu, Elena Ruse, A.A. Bunaciu and H.Y. Aboul-Enein


Recent Applications of in Vitro Antioxidant Activity Assay

 Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry, (2016), 46(5) ,pp. 389 to 399 RECENT APPLICATIONS OF IN VITRO ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITY ASSAY – A MINI REVIEW. A.A. Bunaciu, A.F. Dăneţ, Ş. Fleschin and H.Y. Aboul-Enein.


Vibrational Spectroscopy in Clinical Diagnostics

 Applied Spectroscopy Reviews, (2015), 50(2) p. 176 to 191 VIBRATIONAL SPECTROSCOPY IN CLINICAL DIAGNOSTICS, A.A. Bunaciu, H.Y. Aboul-Enein and Ş. Fleschin.


Raman Spectroscopy for Protein Analysis

 Applied Spectroscopy Reviews, (2015), 50(5), p. 377 to 386 RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY FOR PROTEIN ANALYSIS, A.A. Bunaciu, H.Y. Aboul-Enein and V.D. Hoang.


Biologically Active Extracts with Kidney Affections Applications

  Applied Surface Science,(2015), 358(B), pp. 647 to 654 BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE EXTRACTS WITH KIDNEY AFFECTIONS APPLICATIONS Mihaela Pascu (Neagu), Daniela Elena Pascu, Cozea Andreea, A.A. Bunaciu, Miron Alexandra Raluca and Aurelia Cristina Nechifor


Applications of FTIR Spectrophotometry in Cancer Diagnostics

  Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry, (2015), 45(2), pp. 156 to 165 APPLICATIONS OF FTIR SPECTROPHOTOMETRY IN CANCER DIAGNOSTIC, A.A. Bunaciu, V.D. Hoang and H.Y. Aboul-Enein


X-RAY DIFFRACTION: Instrumentation and Applications

  Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry, (2015), 45(6), p. 289 to 299 X-RAY DIFFRACTION: Instrumentation and Applications, A.A. Bunaciu, Gabriela Elena Udriştioiu and H.Y. Aboul-Enein


Mathematical Modelling of Some Precesses of Separation through Membrane – Dynamic Models

  Revista de Chimie, (2015), 66(3), pp .328 to 332 MATHEMATICAL MODELLING OF SOME PRECESSES OF SEPARATION THROUGH MEMBRANE – DYNAMIC MODELS. Daniela Elena Pascu, Aurelia Cristina Nechifor, Mihaela Pascu (Neagu), Gina Alina Traistaru, A.A. Bunaciu, Luoana Florentina Pascu and Ghe. Nechifor